Friday, May 28, 2010

Let the cuteness... begin!

Well, well, long time no meow! I apologize in my lack of posting; it seems that now My Human, also know as the translator, is at "highschool", whatever that is, she doesn't have time to help me post my daily thoughts on here. So, we have come to the conclusion that she will help me post once or twice a week, while I will spend the rest of the time getting Mother Human to take photos of Crystal and I's daily routines and stuff like that.
We haven't got around to the photos for this week yet, but we do have some floofy sneak previews of the competiton going on in my house for the best NZTCM pose! Bring on the cute!

WARNING: We are not to be blamed for any mishaps that may happen to your Humans when they see the following pictures.

Doesn't she just look so gorgeous? My Human hasn't got round to taking any of me yet, though. Humans... always so wrapped up in their own lives. MOL.

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