Monday, December 27, 2010

Let it grow!

Mew-ry Christmas, everyone!

I'm very sorry I haven't posted on here recently; M.H. and the other Hoomans went away on holiday and left me in the cattery with no interwebs! But the lack in updates is no more: M.H. is off school until February and has decided to help me with the blog again.

I've discovered many things about strawberries while I've not been posting. You see, the Hoomans planted strawberry plants in a big barrel. Much to their horror, I found out that it's the best spot to sleep on a sunny day. Sure, I may have squished a few but overall I think I've helped the little things out. Now they're nice and tall and with my help have become the perfect place to model.

Mmm... this leaf smells guud.

Of course, this led to even more photos. 

I see what you did there.

Monorail cat strikes again!

Stay tuned for a guide filled with how to grow amazing modelling-strawberries like mine!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sisfur Wednesday - How to Stay in at Night.

Hello there, cats, dogs and beans alike! 
It's time for my weekly post, and this week I'm going to be giving advice on how to stay inside at night because honestly, I'm not sure about you guys, but beans do not like having us inside for some reason! Personally, I love sleeping inside. I'm pretty sure my bean and Tora's bean don't mind having us on their beds either. I think it's just the adult beans...
Anyway, here's a little guide for everyone who has problems with those beans chucking you out every night.

1. Find a good hiding spot! If the beans can't see you or find you, they won't be able to throw you out.

I demonstrate good hiding skills.

2. If you can't find a good hiding place where you know you aren't going to be found, you could always go for the "hide somewhere adorable" approach so that when you are found you have something to fall back on. 

Tora had the advantage of her sore eye to keep her looking innocent.

3. And if it comes to the worst, you don't hide at all, occupy yourself with a toy and completely ignore your bean. Hopefully, they won't notice you!

I think my sisfur is getting the hang of staying inside!

I hope this helps!
Well, that's my post for this week done. I'll see you next Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Battle scars

Long time, no meow, fellow kitty bloggers!

Today M.H. came home to see I'd been in a huge fight, which I got heaps of scratches and a sore eye from. I was taken to the pet store straight away (M.H. was a bit too worried about me, I think) and after we waited for at least a year or two the jabby-woman would finally see me. She told M.H. that my third-eyelid had been caught when whoever I was fighting with scratched my eye and that she would have to give me eye-goo every morning, after school and before she goes to sleep. It's not very nice tasting, but it does make my eye feel better. Afterwards, M.H. fed me extra smelly noms and I've been sleeping in her bedroom for a while. She still managed to snap some pictures of me, though, however unflattering.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Starring ... ME!

Hey, felines!
Tora here, and yes I am aware that since it's Wednesday Crystal should be posting and not me. Don't worry, she'll be posting later; I'm just here to make up for the lack of Tora-furbabyness you have all recieved in the past few days.
M.H. spent all weekend (Friday and Monday included) fretting over my entry for Challenge #5 and I'm actually very proud of what she came out with. Wanna see? It's filled with Tora goodness, I promise.

And, some gorgeous photos of me! Because I can.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ever wanted a pet mouse?

Well, now you can have one!

M.H. has decided to make some mice to sell for donations to my cause! Hopefully, teamed up with the drawings she is offering to do, they will bring in quite a few donations, but for now we'll have to wait and see.

Each of these handmade mice costs a small donation of $5 each, which goes straight to the SPCA and Wellington Cats' Protection League. You can order a mouse with colours and facial expressions of your choice, have one of the mice below or even ask for a surprise request. Every mouse comes pre-catnipped and features a pipe-cleaner tail to add some fun.

 These are all the mousies made by M.H. so far!

Crystal certaintly likes the mice!

If any of you like our mousies, or have some suggestions, let us know! M.H. would love to hear from you.. *purr*

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sisfur Wednesday

Hello there, felines and beans! It's Crystal here, blogging for the first time ever. I'm going to be blogging every Wednesday from now on. Tora's bean thinks that since the blog says "life from the eyes of two felines" on the banner I have to post too, which I think is good because I would've never got a chance before. Since this competition started Tora's been a bit of a computer hog.

Speaking of Tora, she wants me to tell all the cats who commented on her last post thank you for your help and that she thinks all the mancats who commented are gorgeous. Sigh.. silly kitten.

Personally, I'm purrfectly happy being single. It's not like any of the mancats around here are good looking and I'm not going to be able to physically meet anyone on the interwebs. In fact, I think our neighbourhood has a shortage of mancats, ugly and handsome. Trust the beans to move somewhere deprived of mancatty goodness.

Since Tora's so into the modelling scene right now, I've decided to show off what I've got in preperation for next year. Her bean is planning to enter both of us next year and I want to be ready, so here are some pictures of me for you to look at!

What do you think?

Over-worried Hooman = Insane idea.

I've been outside a lot today, causing M.H. quite a bit of worry. M.H. thinks I'm lonely, you see, and that I'm going outside to try and find some handsome mancats to talk to. But, I'm not. Okay, so having a mancat to flirt with would be fun, I admit, but I know that the handsomest mancats of all are my fellow interweb-dwellers, so why look away from the interwebs itself? All the mancats around my house seem to enjoy either bullying me or trespassing and chasing my tailless rodents. I don't understand why.

Just in case you know some single mancats who would like me (and/or would be happy to help get M.H. off my back), here are some photos of me to show them!