Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ever wanted a pet mouse?

Well, now you can have one!

M.H. has decided to make some mice to sell for donations to my cause! Hopefully, teamed up with the drawings she is offering to do, they will bring in quite a few donations, but for now we'll have to wait and see.

Each of these handmade mice costs a small donation of $5 each, which goes straight to the SPCA and Wellington Cats' Protection League. You can order a mouse with colours and facial expressions of your choice, have one of the mice below or even ask for a surprise request. Every mouse comes pre-catnipped and features a pipe-cleaner tail to add some fun.

 These are all the mousies made by M.H. so far!

Crystal certaintly likes the mice!

If any of you like our mousies, or have some suggestions, let us know! M.H. would love to hear from you.. *purr*


  1. These are brilliant!! I hope you sell lots my dear.

  2. NIP? Yoo gots NIP!! nom NOM nom, We'll share our fresh stuffs if yoo share yers?


  3. Those are adorable. How much are they?

  4. Thanks, everyone! *purr*
    And they're $5, but we might lower the price since no-ones buying yet.