Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Over-worried Hooman = Insane idea.

I've been outside a lot today, causing M.H. quite a bit of worry. M.H. thinks I'm lonely, you see, and that I'm going outside to try and find some handsome mancats to talk to. But, I'm not. Okay, so having a mancat to flirt with would be fun, I admit, but I know that the handsomest mancats of all are my fellow interweb-dwellers, so why look away from the interwebs itself? All the mancats around my house seem to enjoy either bullying me or trespassing and chasing my tailless rodents. I don't understand why.

Just in case you know some single mancats who would like me (and/or would be happy to help get M.H. off my back), here are some photos of me to show them!


  1. *zooming over* Why hello my dear. I'll keep you safe, you just say the word!

  2. WE have a bunch of mancats around here and they are all swooning over you picture. They are packing their bags and will be there shortly. My name is Orange boy and I am on my way. Fuzzy says he is coming too.
    Have a great day.

  3. We think that man cats will be lined up to knock on your door soon.

  4. Tora...we are swooning over those pictures of you!

    Wally & Ernie

  5. We agree! Mancats everywhere will be flocking to visit you, Tora!

  6. *human laughs*
    Wow, Tora you have a lot of admirers
    - Lucy