Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Battle scars

Long time, no meow, fellow kitty bloggers!

Today M.H. came home to see I'd been in a huge fight, which I got heaps of scratches and a sore eye from. I was taken to the pet store straight away (M.H. was a bit too worried about me, I think) and after we waited for at least a year or two the jabby-woman would finally see me. She told M.H. that my third-eyelid had been caught when whoever I was fighting with scratched my eye and that she would have to give me eye-goo every morning, after school and before she goes to sleep. It's not very nice tasting, but it does make my eye feel better. Afterwards, M.H. fed me extra smelly noms and I've been sleeping in her bedroom for a while. She still managed to snap some pictures of me, though, however unflattering.

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  1. M'lady... if you need the cuddles or the smoochies... just say the word. We'll send healing rounds of both.