Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sisfur Wednesday - How to Stay in at Night.

Hello there, cats, dogs and beans alike! 
It's time for my weekly post, and this week I'm going to be giving advice on how to stay inside at night because honestly, I'm not sure about you guys, but beans do not like having us inside for some reason! Personally, I love sleeping inside. I'm pretty sure my bean and Tora's bean don't mind having us on their beds either. I think it's just the adult beans...
Anyway, here's a little guide for everyone who has problems with those beans chucking you out every night.

1. Find a good hiding spot! If the beans can't see you or find you, they won't be able to throw you out.

I demonstrate good hiding skills.

2. If you can't find a good hiding place where you know you aren't going to be found, you could always go for the "hide somewhere adorable" approach so that when you are found you have something to fall back on. 

Tora had the advantage of her sore eye to keep her looking innocent.

3. And if it comes to the worst, you don't hide at all, occupy yourself with a toy and completely ignore your bean. Hopefully, they won't notice you!

I think my sisfur is getting the hang of staying inside!

I hope this helps!
Well, that's my post for this week done. I'll see you next Wednesday!


  1. Tora, we always stay in at night but those are some very good suggestions on how to do it right!

  2. Oh, my goodness! Good advice, but our human absolutely couldn't sleep if any of us was outside at night! Yikes! There are too many predators where we live--two-legged and four. She doesn't let us roam, anyway, we have an enclosed back space where we go out in safety. Good luck on getting to stay inside; we think it's safer!

  3. We're insiders too, but if we saw those cute faces and brilliant hiding places we know we'd let you stay in too!

  4. It's nice to see the blog back to normal after the sabotage, i guess it was either that or Arty was trying to take over

    and those are some good suggestions, but i prefer to sleep outside
    - Lucy

  5. I'm back and still following you. As per my latest blog post, I'm letting everyone that's in my following list know I still have them.
    We so furry much agree that sleeping inside is better. It's so much safer and more comfy than being out in the cold!