First off, this is me! My name is Tora (とら, if you want to write it correctly), if you haven't already figured it out, AKA Kitteninin, Fuzzbucket and many other embarrassing nicknames I was given by my Humans. I was born on 10th February 2009! My Human told me I'm an Aquarius, whatever that is.
I'd really like to achieve something other than total adorableness this year. So my plans are: to enter the NZ's Next Top Cat Model, own and run a successful blog and to be given a whole "sachet" of smelly noms every meal, instead of just half. I mean, why do I need to try to be adorable? I achieved that goal the moment I was born.

This is my older sister, Crystal Star. Yes, I know we look nothing alike, but that's because we aren't related. She was bought from the same pet shop as me a few years before I was even born, so there is a small possibility we might be related, but not much.
As you can see, she loves to sleep, whether it's on our Humans or on their bedding. She's very calm and mellow or at least when it comes to everything but me. She won't even chase the tailess-rodents from the Outside! I'm almost shocked. At least she attacks me though. I guess that's a start!

Finally, here's our doggy brother, Arty. He's one of those dogs who's a bit rough and tumble at first, and somewhat scary, but once you get to know him he's alright. I learnt that from Crystal, who started the whole ritual of going up and rubbing against him every time she comes inside. It took me a while to do the same, but I'm proud to say I've developed a bit of a friendship with him!
It's pretty obvious cats are better than dogs, especially when you live with one. He eats every meal like it's his last, always want more and always wants a walk! We'd never force that upon our Humans, even if they are our servants.